Paddy Power Beat The Drop – Answer 15 Questions Win £5,000, 1 Game / Day

paddy power beat the drop win

Offer details correct as of 12th October 2021 and may have changed since.

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paddy power beat the drop winI wonder if you can guess what TV show Paddy Power got their idea for the beat the drop promotion from?  The idea here is you start off with your pot of money and then work backwards by answering questions and choosing how much of your pot you risk on each answer.  It is kind of like betting in reverse, you start off with the maximum winnings and then choose how much you give away depending on how confident you are of your answers.

All customers will be eligible to play up to one game each day (you can only play one game at a time, each time a game finishes you can re-enter the next day).  This gives you a starting pot of £5,000.  You then have to answer 15 questions, each round gives you a choice between two questions to answer, as you can see in the examples below.

Choose how much of your pot you want to risk on the outcome, this could be the whole £5,000 on one answer right down to a £2,500 split on each, depending on how confident you are and how much cash you want to risk.  Once the outcome to the first question is known then you will get back the amount you bet on the answer.

Using the example in the screenshot (this is a previous version of the game with a £1000 pot and 12 questions) I have done a £1,000 split on Tottenham not to score first, and £0 on them to score first.  If they do not score first I get £1,000 to use on the next question, if not I get £0 and I’m out – but I can now enter a new game if I lose, up to once each day.

paddy power beat the drop win £1000000 paid tickets

Note that before you even think about it halving the amount each time will leave you with less than £1 in the end, so it’s not worth the effort just playing the probabilities and halving each time.

paddy beat the drop 5000If you are very confident answering your 15 questions and you get them all right then you’ve bagged yourself a cool £5,000 in cash.  The likelihood of this happening is very low however so you may want to split your cash a little along the way, especially for questions where you have no strong feeling either way.

I actually managed to win the £1000 pot 12-question beat the drop game and came away with £501, as you can see in the screenshot at the top of this page.  This was my 186th game of beat the drop, however, which shows that you may need to play a while before you win.  Alternatively you can split your pot more than I did and win more often but lower amounts.

paddy beat the drop 5000In my case I went all in each time for the first 9 questions.  On question 10 I split the pot £800 / £200 and won £800.  On question 11 I split the pot £601 / £199 (because the slider on mobile wasn’t fine enough to split exactly £600 / £200), again I won.  For the final question I split £501 / £100 and won £501.  I was guaranteed to win at least £100 on the final question by playing this way.

On occasion Paddy Power run special games, for example during Euro 2020 they offered customers one free game with a pot of £250,000 with 20 questions.  Obviously this is more attractive than the £5000 game with 15 questions but in many ways it is the same as if you split the £250,000 for the first 5 questions you would end up with pretty much £5000 – so in effect it is the same game, but of course there is potential to win a bigger prize in these instances.

Key terms apply, such as only one game can be played at a time.  Make sure you read the key terms before you play the game for the first time.  If you don’t have an account you could also claim a welcome offer, read about this in our main Paddy Power review.

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BTD: Free to play. Only one game may be played at any given time. Answer 15 questions and money left in the pot after all the questions are answered is yours to keep. T&Cs apply.

Author: Ken Sutton